The Magic of Desire & Aphrodisiacs

The Magic of Desire & Herbal Aphrodisiacs
Thursday February 11th from 6pm – 9pm
Cost: $50
Located at the Cunning Crow Apothecary – 9020 Greenwood Ave N 98103

In this class we will explore the magic and mechanisms of desire as a sacred function of the human body. Desire is a gift from the gods, a tool by which our bodies communicate with us its truestwants and desires. In short,our bodies’ signals arecommunication from our soul self. As we explore the mechanism of desire, we will cover the metaphysics of passion and techniques forstoking the kundalini fire.

Learn how to use herbal allies, juicy herbal preparations, aromatic herbs and other tricks of the cunning trade to stoke the fires of desire and ignite the flames of passion in the body. Learn all about Herbal Aphrodisiacs. Learn the magic of invocation, enchantment and consecration of tincture makingso as toalways awaken the magic of the herbal allies you are co-creating with.

Have direct experience crafting variousaphrodisiac potions and take this skill to weave into your cunning craft!

Everyone welcome!