Lauren is an incredibly talented healer, compassionate, and funny too. She has an amazing ability to intuit exactly what a person needs. She is a profoundly wise soul and her connection to spirit and nature creates a beautiful experience. I feel fortunate to have met her and highly recommend her to others. – J.P.

I’ve seen Lauren for multiple healing sessions, including a curse unraveling session and it changed my life for the better! As a result from our work together, I’ve been able to take great strides in my intimate relationships and grow in my personal development.
She’s compassionate, empowering, and inspiring-all the great qualities of a
great spiritual healer. -Y.L.

I have seen Lauren for multiple types of healing sessions over the years. I have also had the opportunity to learn from her, and participate in ceremonies that she has facilitated. I implicitly trust Lauren, and I believe her to be someone who is of the utmost integrity. Lauren is incredibly gifted, extremely articulate, highly intelligent, and full of compassion. Her intuitive and healing skills are powerful and have changed my life for the better on multiple occasions. It’s undeniable. She has such a strong ability to perceive information and relay it in a way that can be easily understood and integrated/implemented. -K.P.

Lauren I’m so glad I met you. Thanks for your bravery, wisdom and kindness. I have much gratitude for the work which was performed seemingly so easily, but I think ease is the essence of great skill! -S.T.

Lauren helped me with a major piece of work I had been struggling with for several years – leaving (and selling) the place I had been living for almost eight years. I’d felt trapped for a very long time and lived through a number of difficult events and transitions in the space, and after several months of listing my place to sell with no offers (despite a healthy market and good weather!) I began to get desperate. After getting some strong hints that there was some important, unfinished spiritual business keeping things from moving, I was recommended to Lauren by a friend. She was phenomenal – she took a good long consulting session to sit with me and understand my situation, asking terrific questions along the way. She then helped conduct some deep work inside my home to unravel and heal my relationship with the space, its spiritual entities, and my younger and present self. The four hour ritual experience was powerfully moving for me personally – and what’s more, just a week later (all those months of inactivity!) , the person who would end up buying the place for the list price made their first overtures! I got exactly what I wanted and needed from the experience and I am so grateful to Lauren for her help making it through this vital part of my journey! -C.R.

Thank you for being a catalyst to bringing back many lifetimes of intuitive plant wisdom into one concentrated place inside of my heart! -C.S.

I attended an herbal consultation with Lauren after I had a persistent and energy consuming three week cold. I wanted an immune boost that was natural and herbal based. Throughout ourhour long consultation, she was incredible! She listened with intent and kindness ( after she made me a tasty herbal tea ), she asked great questions, she was sympathetic and was impressive : knowledgeable with putting together suggested herbal mixtures for me to bring healing to my strained body. -A.N.

Lauren is wise, funny, compassionate and a great teacher. She did such a wonderful job of setting the stage for a meditative and deeply spiritual class environmentshes incredibly good at tuning into the mood of the room and was able to support everyone as they needed. Her prayers–and her presence–are elegant, deeply meaningful, powerful and kind. J.P.

I’m grateful to Lauren for providing such a safe and encouraging place for me to explore my inner spirit life. Lauren is so thoughtful and compassionate, she makes it easy and fun finding the depths of my own human spirit. -H.T.

It’s difficult to put words on my experience of feeling accepted, seen, and heard by yourself, others, and Mama Gaia. Your way of leading the group by beginning with deeply meaningful invocations, slow introduction of the herbs, and holding the space for us to have our own clairsentient experiences has been absolutely perfect for me! -C.S.

Lauren’s energy and connection to the plants makeher classesa unique and truly transformative process. As a person who has been interested in herbal medicine for a while, studying with Laurengave me the tools to go deeper and opened me up to information that I never knew I could access. The plants are much more then material objects and this class taught me how to create a deep relationship with them, I am so happy I found this class and would recommend it to anyone who loves herbs! -E.Z.