Overview / Pricing

If you’re a first time client, our work together begins with a Free 15-minute phone consultation. This helps us both to determine if and how I might be of support to you. To schedule a phone consultation with me, please fill out the contact form on the Connect page here. 

As of Summer 2017 I am offering my work on a 100% Pay What You Can Basis. 

Why the Switch? I strongly believe that healing, ceremony, and access to herbal knowledge is a birth rite that should be available to all.  I also strongly believe that healers, like all professions, need to make a living.  How do we find the middle ground? This question remains constant in my prayers and reflections. I’ve been in private practice for 6 years, and have been fortunate over the course of the last 3 years to be full time self employed.  I’ve also always offered sliding scale.  In that light I’ve been guided to share more openly that folks may truly, pay me whatever amount works for them.  

How does the Sliding Scale Payment Work? Once your appointment is scheduled you will be sent a link to my PayPal address, wherein you may send the amount that works for you.  If you are able to send more at a later date, you may also do so. 

For reference, below has been my fee structure for the past 2 years, and at this fee structure I was able to make a decent enough living on my healing and teaching practice to be fully self-employed.  I ask that if you are able to pay the full amount, that you please do so as this will allow me to continue to offer my work in this way so that folks who can use the assistance have access to it.  I also ask that if you are not able to pay this amount, or if it will burden your ability to eat or take care of yourself or your family, that you not pay the full amount. I ask that you listen to your inner wisdom voice about what truly works for you at this time.   

$70 / 30 minutes
$125 /1 hour
$185 / 90 minutes
$250 / 2 hours

Unless otherwise discussed, your first appointment will be scheduled as following for 60 minutes.

I am currently offering energy work and healing ceremony on a very limited basis.  If you are looking for this work, you may email me describing your situation and what you’re looking for support around.  I will add you to my waiting list and/or send you referrals for other practitioners.

Disclaimer... Lauren Herold is not qualified to give legal, financial or medical advice and this work is not a substitute for medical or psychiatric care.  Results vary and can be deeply transformative. It is important that clients are committed to their own self-care and integration work. It is required that all clients are working concurrently with a licensed mental health counselor, and medical or naturopathic doctor.