I’m available for Consultations on the following topics :

  • Herbalism (what i would do if I were you with the help of herbs – scroll down for more info)


  • Women’s Transitions (tips, thoughts and resources for supporting and making sacred… menstruation, (in)fertility, pregnancy / birth / postpartum, new motherhood,  relationship beginning/ending, pregnancy loss, sexual assault recovery, times of transition)


  • Divine Feminine Empowerment Under Patriarchy (explore techniques and share resources for reclaiming, healing and embodying the feminine spirit). 


Consultations are offered on a sliding scale, please click here to read about my fee structure.  

Your first Consultation will be scheduled at 60 minutes and follow ups may be at 30 or 60 minutes.

Please remember that what you offer me does not include the cost of any herbal remedies you choose to purchase after the consultation time.  For reference… I myself spend around $100/month on my herbal remedies. That cost is offset when I wild-harvest my own or buy in bulk, and goes up if I deal with an acute issue. 

Note About Herbal Consultations :  It is important to note that Herbalists can and do not diagnose, treat or cure disease.  Therefore if you are so called, we can schedule a time within I can share with you what it is that I have learned about the plants that might be of benefit for you, or said in another way… What I would do if I were you in this situation.  During our time together, we will review your current situation/experience, and the future goals and sacred intentions you hold for yourself in regard to your health and holistic well-being. Those goals may be physical, emotional, mental, spiritual or a combination of these.

Please Note...  Lauren Herold is not qualified to give legal, financial or medical advice and this work is not a substitute for medical or psychiatric care.  Herbal Medicine is not a substitute for licensed medical or psychiatric care and herbalists do NOT diagnose, treat or cure disease. It is required that all clients are working concurrently with a licensed mental health counselor, and medical or naturopathic doctor and that clients understand fully that consultations are NOT a substitute for these services.