Herbal Consultations

About Herbal Healing Sessions: During our time together, we will review your current situation/experience, your past health history, and the future goals and sacred intentions you hold for yourself in regard to your health and holistic well-being. Those goals may be physical, emotional, mental, spiritual or a combination of these.

Your customized herbal recommendations may include some some or all of the following:

– A custom formulated herbal tea, tincture or bath
– Instructions and ingredients for a personalized herbal healing/empowerment ritual
– Salts, clays, infused oils or essential oils
– Recommendations for intention setting, meditation, visualization or ceremony
– Referrals for other healing modalities

Your Cost is on a sliding scale, as you’re able, of $50/$100 per hour, plus the cost of your herbal remedies which range from $10-$50. You will have the choice to have your remedies shipped from my dispensary to you, or to procure them yourself.

Your first appointment will be scheduled at 60 minutes and follow ups may be at 30 or 60 minutes.

Ask An Herbalist: $1 / minute for herbal advice

I’m available to answer on-call herbal questions, at the rate of $1 / minute. Typically sufficient advice can be given within 15 minutes to help you or a loved one through a minor health challenge. In the Old Days, each village had a wise woman available to offer guidance and share wisdom whenever a family was in need. The belief that we “can do it alone” is a myth of the modern age.

Please Note...  Herbal Medicine is not a substitute for licensed medical or psychiatric care and herbalists do NOT diagnose, treat or cure disease. It is required that all clients are working concurrently with a licensed mental health counselor, and medical or naturopathic doctor.