Energy Healing

You are your own greatest healer.

And, just like with all things, sometimes we get stuck. Sometimes we need help. Sometimes we cant do it alone. If you find yourself at such a threshold, its truly my great honor to provide a space of healing wherein I can serve to reconnect you with the healing stream within, and to let go of that which might be burdening you.

Folks bring their intention for the healing, I create a sacred space within which we can explore that intention and discover/release what may be standing in the way of you embodying that intention.

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Unless otherwise discussed, your first appointment will be scheduled at 90 minutes.

If this is our first time working together, I will contact you to set up a free 15-minute phone consultation.

$70 / 30 minutes
$125 / 60 minutes
$185 / 90 minutes

Limited sliding scale and trades are available – fill out the form on the Connect Page to inquire.


Energies we might encounter to work through include:

– energetic blockages resultant from past/present/past life trauma

– ancestral patterning/inheritance/curses

– old and outdated beliefs, belief systems and thought patterns

– patterns of disempowerment

– energetic cords between people or places

– soul loss or parts of self that may have been lost along the way

– overshadowing spirit energies or possessions

People typically leave this healings feeling juiced up, lighter and reconnected to hope, inspiration and their source of power within.

Suggested Frequency of time between healing sessions is 3-6 months. This insures that you are following the course of your own wisdom/healing stream and not depending on a perceived authority outside of yourself. This work seeks to empower your ability to know yourself and to heal yourself. True healing is possible only when sovereign empowerment is present.

What to expect in a session: Each session is tailored according to your unique needs and goals. I begin your session with a prayer to call in sacred space. You will be invited to pray silently in your heart, whatever way feels good to you. Then we move into a brief conversation where you share your goals, intentions, challenges, and your sacred intention for the work.

During the healing work, you will be seated in a comfy chair and we will be across from one another. No physical contact will be made between us. Your eyes will be closed and the lighting will be soft. I typically use the healing tools of singing, toning or humming; a rattle or drum may be used to facilitate this process. You will be gently guided through the entire process.

The session ends with a conversation in which I share with you what happened during the work, provide suggestions for integration, and answer all questions you have.

Please Note... Energetic healing is not a substitute for medical or psychiatric care. Results vary and can be deeply transformative. It is important that clients are committed to their own self-care and integration work. It is required that all clients are working concurrently with a licensed mental health counselor, and medical or naturopathic doctor.