1 : 1 Work

1 : 1 Healing Work w/ Lauren

If you’re a first time client, our work together begins with a Free 15-minute phone consultation. This helps us both to determine if and how I might be of support to you.  To schedule a phone consultation with me, please fill out the contact form on the Connect page here. 

Sessions take place at my office in Bellevue WA, and I also do much of my work via phone and distance.  All services except Hypnotherapy and Ceremonies are available via phone. 

Click Here for information on my sliding scale fee structure. 

First Session: 60-90 minutes, depending on needs. 

Includes a more in-depth consultation and dialogue time before doing the clearing or consultation work

Dream Tending Session : 30-60 minutes

Explore, uncover and mine meaning from a significant dream

Energy Tune-Up : 30 or 60 minutes for follow-up clients

Anywhere from a quick clearing / tune-up, to navigating and unraveling a deeper larger process.

Herbal Consultations : 30-60 minutes

Ideas on herbal support for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual challenges

Wise Woman Consultations : 60-90 minutes

Enter sacred space in support of:  menstruation, (in)fertility, pregnancy / birth / postpartum, new motherhood,  relationship beginning/ending, pregnancy loss, sexual assault recovery, times of transition 

Hypnotherapy / Soul Discovery / Past Life Regression: 90 minutes or 2 hours depending on your experience and comfort

In-person only, allows enough time to unfold and explore the discovery you are seeking. Transcript of your journey is documented and provided to you.

Distance Healing for House or Land: 2 hours

House clearings and blessings, land blessings, addressing home disturbances. Includes an in-take, and follow-up over the phone, plus detailed suggestions for “cures” for the space.

Energy Tracking: one time payment

Once or ongoing energetic support/monitoring during challenging incidents such as surgery, important meetings, illness, transitions 

Priestessing : donations

Baby blessings, Blessing Ways, First Moon Ceremonies, Cord Cuttings, Honoring Loss, Death, Personal Rites of Passage, co-created with you in support of the threshold you or your loved one is/are crossing.

Disclaimer... Lauren Herold is not qualified to give legal, financial or medical advice and this work is not a substitute for medical or psychiatric care.  Results vary and can be deeply transformative. It is important that clients are committed to their own self-care and integration work. It is required that all clients are working concurrently with a licensed mental health counselor, and medical or naturopathic doctor.