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Begins JAN 17, 2018 : Dream Group: Group Projective Dreamwork and Foundational Dream Weaving

Dream Group : Projective Dreamwork and Foundational Dream Weaving

8 Consecutive Wednesdays 7 – 9pm beginning JAN 17, 2018 

Recommended Saturday Class: Foundations of Dream Weaving 10am – 2pm

Fee: $250 for whole series including Saturday class (recommended for folks new to dream work) OR $200 for 8 weeknights.  Fee can be paid all at once or each week.  Email me if to discuss options if you’re called to the work but the cost is prohibitive. 

Space is Limited to 8 dreamers, due to the intimate nature of the work.  

Location Private residence in East Bellevue WA

Description… Using dream elder Jeremy Taylor’s method of Projective Dreamwork and guided by his book The Wisdom of Your Dreams, this 8 week experience will ground you in the basics of working with and deciphering your dreams, both in a group setting and on your own; will empower you with interpretation techniques; will hone your skills in mindful sharing and introduce/deepen the concept of “projection” as it relates to dreaming and life.  This Dream Work Toolkit is our guidepost. Each week we will share dream teachings, and share a dream with the group, with 2 dreams being worked in depth each meeting. Everyone in the group plays an active role in sharing projections and helping the dreamer interpret the dream for themselves. We are all deeply changed by the process. I believe this work is world-changing, deeply transformative, and incredibly clean. 

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Begins Feb 2018 : Healing the Feminine as Mothers & Daughters

Healing the Feminine Together as Mothers & Daughters

6 Consecutive Thursdays 6:30 – 9pm beginning FEB 1, 2018 

Weekend In-Town Retreat March 17/18 10am – 6pm

Sliding Scale $200 – $450, as you’re able 

Location TBD in Bellevue WA

Description… Mother and Daughter team Karen Herold and Lauren Herold will lead a journey of exploration and discovery through the terrain of this most sacred of relationships, that of Mother and Daughter. Join a circle of women for 6 weekly sessions and a weekend in-town retreat to explore your personal story of Mother and Daughter.  Karen and Lauren were asked by Dorothy Firman, author of Daughters and Mothers: Making it Work and Chicken Soup for the Mother/Daughter Soul to continue the legacy of this work that she developed and facilitated with her mother Julie Firman. 

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Begins March 2018 : Intro to Folk Herbalism & Plant Spirit Medicine

Intro to Folk Herbalism 10-week Intro Series

Begins March 2018 and runs 10 consecutive Mondays

Fee: $275 for the series.

Located at a private Bellevue residence, details sent upon registration.

Description… The Wise One lives inside and is longing to be remembered and reclaimed. Their rhythm is the rhythm of Nature, their rhythm is the rhythm of plants.  The Wise One knows how to be in relationship with Nature, the plants, the moon.  Deepen your connection with the Wise One within and empower your inner streams of wisdom and wild.

In this class we will learn herbalism the Old Way, by mixing equal parts practical knowledge with intuitive empowerment; awakening our ability to learn directly from the plants themselves. We will reawaken our inner Wise One, the one who knows how to be in relationship with All Things, the one who knows the ways of healing and of herb craft.

We will learn to make medicine in a sacred way, learn local plant allies whom we can find around our homes, and learn foundational techniques to ground our herbal studies in the sacred, wherever they may take us.

Over the course of this 12 weeks together you will…

  • Activate and deepen your connection with the Wise One within and your inner wisdom stream
  • Awaken, empower and hone your own intuitive self while learning to communicate with and co-create with the plants
  • Learn the medicine of healing herbs through direct experience and take these intuitive skills to weave into your life, craft, or healing practice
  • Learn the foundations of Plant Spirit Medicine and how to work with plants as spiritual allies
  • Learn how to make sacred the art and craft of herbal medicine making