Seasonal Saturday Workshops

Saturday Workshops:
Classes held on Saturdays from 10am-6pm
Sliding Scale $75-$150

February 4th: Winters Herbal Depths
April 1st: Springs Herbal Tonics
June 3rd: Summers Herbal Blossoms
October 7th: Autumns Herbal Bounty

Learn Herbal Medicineby following Nature through the wheel of the year. As Natures rhythm flows through the seasons so too do our bodies, so too do the plants. Here there is a great harmony. The herbs our bodies crave are ready and available if we only know to look. Come learn the Herbal Medicine of each season. Learn to identify, harvest and prepare medicinal and edible plants. The mission of Seasonal Herbalism is to foster growth, empowerment and health by facilitating a reconnection to the wisdom and rhythm of Nature, and restoring conscious relationship with the plant world.

Each class we will

  • Head out into woods and field, and learn to identifylocally available medicinal plants in the wild
  • Harvest, and prepare into various medicinal preparationsfresh locally available plants
  • Learn about the medicine/power available seasonally, as well as the potential challenges that can arise seasonally, and learn how the locally available plants can help us at this turn