Past Life Class

The Magic of Past Lives
Friday April 15th from 6:30pm – 9pm
Cost: $25 – $45 as you’re able
Located atThe Cunning Crow Apothecary

Destiny is lived out, remembered, realized, actualized, healed and shape-shifted in the present moment. Always.And, if this is the case- thenWHY do we even consider past lives? What is the point of remembering, of revisiting a time in our soul’s history that is already passed?

We will explore the answers to this question, and more, in this exploratory evening that will seek to discover the magic and power inherent in visiting past lives.

From this evening, you will…
– Learn how to safely and skillfully visit past lives on your own
– Learn when visiting past lives is skillful/indicated versus spiritual bypassing
– Learn the art of shape shifting the past to heal the present
– Learn to harvest past wisdom and transmute it into present day power
– Learn cosmologies around the journey a soul takes from life to life
– Meet or deepen in your own intuitive, clair, psychic and journeying skills
– Take a journey to visit a past life in a safe and sacred container
– Learnsimple techniques for interpretation of journeys

Onepowerfulanswer tothe question of WHY past lives… is simply that- we CAN visit them! It is a birthrite of ours to remember who we have been and the wisdom we have gained from the experiences we have had. When navigated skillfully- with discernment and with razor sharp intention- visiting past lives becomes an incredibly potent and empowering experience that cultivates personal knowledge and thereby- personal power. If we remember who we have been, then we know better who we are here to become- or rather, we are better able to remember whowe already are.

Reclaiming our ability to journey, which is easier than one might think, is the ticket to tapping into the storehouse of wisdom that rests ever-present in our soul, our deep psyche, our subconscious. We can go visit psychics or readers to tell us about our past lives, or- even more empowering- we can remember how to visit ourselves!

In this class we will explore safe, sacred and simple techniques for exploring the terrain of past lives. The skills we learn you can integrate into your own private meditation and journey practice.

As a hypnotherapist and shamanic practitioner, Lauren has witnessed firsthand the potential transformation and empowerment thatarises from safely and skillfully visiting past lives. The techniques taught this evening will be a combination of shamanic journeying and hypnosis. As with all classes with Lauren, intuitive empowerment is a strong component of the teachings.