Dream Weaving and Herb Magic

Dream Weaving and Herb Magic
Friday September 23rdfrom 6pm – 9pm
Cost: $40
Located at the Cunning Crow Apothecary – 9020 Greenwood Ave N 98103

Everyone of us can dream, can remember our dreams, and can work with our dreams; this is a birth rite of all. The dreamtime is a time when the mind laid to rest, gives rise to the voice of soul. Let us reclaim our relationship with this sacred time and with the souls voice. Let us remember how to remember our dreams. As a hypnotherapist, plant spirit medicine practitioner and herbalist, Lauren has taughtmany folks, herself included,to reclaim their relationship with dreaming through simple techniques including the help of herbal allies.

From this class, you will learn

  • How dreaming is a time when you are in deep conversation with the soul that you are, and how to be in relationship with this aspect of yourself.
  • Tools and techniques for quieting the gatekeeper of the mind to access the well of wisdom available in the dreamtime.
  • Herbal allies to help improve: dream recall, lucid dreaming and dream weaving.
  • Techniques for dream interpretation.