Reclaim The Holy Grail

RECLAIM The Holy Grail, Womb Magic & The Blood Mysteries
Saturday July 23rd 2016 from 10am – 4pm
Suggested Donation: $120 – $60
Located at The Cunning Crow Apothecary – 9020 Greenwood Ave N 98103

Women of all ages and levels of experience are most welcome to attend.

With the popularity of The DaVinci Codethe concept of the Holy Grail, or chalice,as a symbol of the Sacred Feminine and a relic of the truth of humanity’s divine lineage entered the collective consciousness.In this class we will explore these concepts even deeper, through the lens of Reclaiming the Sacred Feminine and its power. We will remember and reclaim our own holy grail,sacred chalice andtemplatefor sacred union within self and with another.

Additionally, we will…

  • Track the history of The Holy Grail before, through and following the time of Christ.
  • Meet the compassionate deities of Christ, Mary Magdalene, Sophia and other Gnostic mystery keepers
  • Respectfully and objectively explore concepts around the Patriarchy and how this has impacted relationships with their power
  • Explore and reclaim Gnostic mystery practices related to Menstrual blood and its consumption in high ceremony
  • Discuss cross-cultural ceremonial traditions related to the exaltation of, consumption of and relationship with the Menstrual blood

Inthe Old Days, menstrual blood was considered the most sacred substance on earth.The power of the menstrual blood was prized for its healing powers of regeneration, resurrection and renewal. Great and extensive magical rites, and healing ceremoniescentered around harnessing thepower ofmenstrual blood.