Reclaim The Dark Goddess

Reclaim: The Dark Goddess & The Magic of Death, Rebirth & Transformation: Finding Magic in Trauma
SaturdayOctober 1st 2016from 10am – 4pm
Cost: sliding scale $60-$120 as you are able
Located atThe Cunning Crow Apothecary – 9020 Greenwood Ave N 98103

Women of all ages and levels of experience are most welcome to attend

Every tradition has a name for her…
Kali|Hecate |Persephone |Innana | Lilith | The Morrigan | Durga | The Dark Moon

She is the aspect of Creation that governs the cycles of life, the spiral dance, the wisdom that true growth, evolution and cultivation of true personal power can only come following great trials; that rebirth can only come in death’s wake.

She is the one who knows that it is through challenge that we found out what we are truly made of, through great trial we find deeper and richer sources of power, through navigating the Darkness we find our true Light. She is the one who knows that true compassion is not nice, it is kind.

Trauma happens: physically, emotionally, spiritually, sexually. Life is ripe withchallenging circumstances. In the Old Days, there was a ceremony for every tragedy: death of loved ones, loss of achild, betrayal. Communities would come together and honor, witness and hold the one who suffered through their initiation so that they could come out the other side stronger, more ferocious, more powerful. We have lost these ceremonies and we have forgotten how to honor, witness and harvest the wisdom and power from the initiations that life has brought us.

If we are to RECLAIM ourselves, we must reclaim the power in our challenges, in our trials and from the initiations that life has brought us.

In this Class we will…

  • Discuss, Invoke, andCommune withthe compassionate aspect of various cross-cultural Dark Goddesses including Persephone, The Morrigan, Kali & Lilith
  • Meet and build relationship with a personal Dark Goddess ally
  • Gently and wisely discuss the soul’s relationship with trauma and tragedy as a force for spiritual evolution and reclaim this asthe Magic of Initiation
  • Explore the archetype of the Dark Goddess to understand what birth, death and rebirth mean in a modern context
  • Learn techniques and ceremony to harvest and RECLAIM the power from personal tragedy
  • Discuss the concept of Surrender as the Art of Spiritual Development

About RECLAIM Workshops:This series isdedicated to wisely dismantling women from theindoctrination, restriction and bindings of the Patriarchy and reclaiming the power and sovereignty of their voice, bodies and Truth.

In RECLAIM Workshops, we…

  • Respectively and objectively explore concepts around thePatriarchyto demonstrate how this has impacted women’s relationship with their truth, power and bodies
  • Reclaim the sacredtemplate ofa woman’s circle as a force for positive change
  • Receive shamanic healing to facilitate the dismantling of these restrictive archetypal programs from our beings and create space for reclamation and return of power
  • Make ceremony together and offer healing prayers for our selves, humanity and the Earth