Reclaim Retreat

?Liberating the Feminine Spirit from Patriarchy

Friday August 5th – Sunday August 7th
Workshop Fee: $300 includes lodging, meals & sweat lodge
Located atSacred Groves Retreat Center on Bainbridge Island

Workshop Description: This weekend will seek to reclaim the pure archetypal power of the Sacred Feminine, unravel Her from patriarchal indoctrination, and activate Her at the level of each individual woman in attendance so that She may leave this weekend an empowered force of nature that shines the light of compassionate empowerment and love out to allShe touches.

What exactly do the prophecies mean when they say this time is the rebirth of the Sacred Feminine? What is meant by the phrase… Goddess Returning? How is it that, as HH the Dalai Lama says, women are supposed to save the world?

It begins with each individual woman liberating her own sacred feminine nature and shining that light and power as a healing salve to all she touches.

We must extract Her (the Sacred Feminine spirit) from 5000 years of patriarchal oppression that have sought to tell Her who She is, how She ought to be, when She should speak up and be silent, what is feminine and what isn’t. The feminine spirit has been so stifled She can be elusive to identify- examples of a truly liberated feminine spirit, one that embodies all of Her aspects, are rare. You will leave this weekend activated and empowered as the vessel for the feminine spirit that you are, that you are destined and designed for.

Over the course of this weekend we will…

– Remember that we are not alone. And that the feminine spirit coming together and relating is the most threatening and revolutionary act we can do to dismantle patriarchal constructs. Examine tactics that have sought to keep us apart and therefore- disempowered. Break this cycle. Reclaim.
– Examine the shadow archetypes, as born under the patriarchy, of the suppressed feminine including: hysteric, cursing witch, doormat, harbinger of death and more- and extricate ourselves from their mythological shackles.
– Examine the empowered archetypes, free from patriarchal indoctrination, of the liberated feminine spiritincluding:
the mother |the sex priestess |the virgin priestess |the wise woman |the mystic |the oracle |the warrior |and more….
– Discuss, Invoke, and Commune with the compassionate aspect of various cross-cultural Goddess figures to understand their archetypal potential within each of us and the collective
– Unfold the questions of why and how has woman as empowered become witch, and when and how did witch become evil?
– Share stories, share ceremony, share collective wisdom.
– Participate in a womens sweat lodge
– Reclaim the sacred template of a woman’s circle as a force for positive change
– Receive shamanic healing to facilitate the dismantling of these restrictive archetypal programs from our beings and create space for reclamation and return of power

RECLAIM is a series dedicated to wisely unweaving women from the indoctrination, restriction and bindings of the Patriarchy and reclaiming the power and sovereignty of their voice, bodies and truth.As women, it is time we unravel ourselves from the patriarchal influence in the modern world, its questionable spirituality, its opinions on how we should/should not feel, look, wear, act, work, express.

It’s time we take our power back.

Let us RECLAIM ourselves!

Who Can Attend? Women of all ages and orientations are welcome to attend. Teachings around the moontime, menstruation and uterine mysteries will be shared. This work is rooted in and inspired by topics in Laurens past RECLAIM classes, however the material will be different- those who have attended and received benefit from past RECLAIM workshops will resonate strongly with this retreat.

Seattle / Bainbridge Ferry Schedule:
Directions to Sacred Groves:
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Friday August 5th
3-6pm Arrive, settle into room, land and space
Bring or arrive having eaten your own dinner!
7pm Opening Ceremony

Saturday August 6th
6:30am Coffee / Tea Available
7am Morning Movement if youd like
8am Breakfast
9:30-12 Teachings
12 2 Lunch, break, wander the land
2-6 Teachings
6-8 Dinner, break, wander the land
8 11 Sweat Lodge

Sunday August 7th
6:30am Coffee / Tea Available
7am Morning Movement if youd like
8am Breakfast
9:30-1 Teachings
1 2 Lunch, break, wander the land, pack up room
2-3 Closing Ceremony
4 Check out