Reclaim Ceremony

Reclaim the Sacred Feminine Ceremony:
Personal Empowerment & Collective Prayers for 2017

SaturdayJanuary 14th from 10am-6pm
Cost: sliding scale $60-$120 as you are able. None turned away for lack of funds. Limit 20 women.
Locatedata Seattle-area Residence
Who This ceremonial space is open to all cis women, trans women, and non-binary AFAB people

Dear Empowered Woman,

You are needed more than ever now.
You have been through tough times and you have walked through fire, probably many times over.
?You know of grit, of fight, of fierce compassion.
You know the way of Priestess.
You know you are needed to Love and to Serve.
You know this fight begins with serving yourself and your dreams first.

Perhaps the events of the past two months have rocked you. Perhaps youve felt crazy, hysteric, terrified and at the same time, fired up.

You are not alone. And you must remember this: you are not alone.

This day will serve as a sacred initiatory ceremonial space within which you will discover and make declarations to yourself for the New Year, witness others in doing the same, deepen/broaden or activate your priestess nature, and offer prayers for the collective.

Lauren will hold the space, you will initiate yourself. A sacred circle of women gathered in sisterhood, will witness and support you as you will them.

Let us come together to witness one another, to inspire one another, to support one another.

Let us come together and raise power and energy toward the healing and empowerment of the Sacred Feminine

Let us come together in ceremonial space to propel us forward in our individual lives, goals and dreams this New Year

And, perhaps most importantly, Let us raise energy and send healing towards the healing of our nation and the collective human family

Let us do our part in helping to rebirth the Sacred Feminine

Let us do this together, in sacred sisterhood, the way our mothers and grandmothers and the ancient ones have done for centuries

This day will seek to reclaim thepower of the unrestricted Sacred Feminine / Goddess Spirit, unravel Her from patriarchal indoctrination, and activate Her at the level of each individual woman in attendance so that each woman walks away from this day together an empowered force of nature that can shine the light of empowerment and love out to allShe touches for the 2017 year.

What exactly do the prophecies mean when they say this time is the rebirth of the Sacred Feminine? What is meant by the phrase… Goddess Returning? How is it that, as HH the Dalai Lama says, women are supposed to save the world?

It begins with each individual woman liberating her own sacred feminine nature and shining that light and power as a healing salve to all she touches.

About RECLAIM Workshops:This series isdedicated to wisely dismantling women from theindoctrination, restriction and bindings of the Patriarchy and reclaiming the power and sovereignty of their voice, bodies and Truth.

In RECLAIM Workshops, we…

  • Respectively and objectively explore concepts around thePatriarchyto demonstrate how this has impacted women’s relationship with their truth, power and bodies
  • Reclaim the sacredtemplate ofa woman’s circle as a force for positive change
  • Make ceremony together and offer healing prayers for our selves, humanity and the Earth

Lauren Herold is first and foremost a devotee to the Sacred. She treasures the opportunity to hold space for folks to remember their sovereign relationship with Divinity, and to RECLAIM themselves from times and places they have been disempowered. Shes a ceremonialist, energy healer, hypnotherapist, herbalist and spiritual midwife.