Rape Healing Group

Reclaim, Recover, Heal
This is a sacred support group for women to explore healing and reclamation following life experiences of rape or sexual trauma.

Reclamation and healing begin by first tellingthe truth and then, being witnessed in that truth. So this is where we start, by sharing our stories in asafe and sacred container. We will utilize hypnotherapy, guided meditation, ritual, journaling, past life exploration, energy work, sharing and compassionate witnessingwith intention toRECLAIM…
– Feminine empowerment
– Wise womanhood and the Goddess nature
-A knowing of the Dark Moon and the soul’s relationship with trauma
– Power of your voice, your word and your truth
– The harvest of your learnings from your traumatic experience
– Personal sovereignty and sense of safety
– Trust in sacred sisterhood
– Sense of personal authority
– Sacred relationship with your body, your visceral knowing, and your intuition

Dates…comingFall 2015
Location… 9020 Greenwood Ave N Seattle, WA 98103
Fee… Sliding scale: $10 – $40

Lets talk statistics. 1 in 6 American women have been raped. If you yourself are not one of those 17% then take a moment and think about all the women you know- that means one out of every six of them.

Dear Sister, I am so sorry this has happened to you. No matter the webyour psyche has woven to suggest otherwise, this was not your fault, and you need not continue to carry it and weather the load.

Let’s talk more statistics.
Those who have been raped or sexually assaulted are found to be
– 3 times more likely to suffer from depression
– 6 times more likely to suffer from PTSD
– 13 times more likely to abuse alcohol
– 26 times more likely to abuse drugs
– 4 times more likely to contemplate suicides
(Statistics courtesy of RAINN)

Obviously women are the ones paying the energy bill for this crime. Whether the rape occurred one year ago or 60 years, those wounds still beat in the heart of your cells. We pay by sacrificing our sense of self, our emotional and spiritual health, our physical health, our potential for healthy relationship and intimacy, our relationship with sexuality, passion and creativity all of these suffer at the helm of rape and sexual assault. Enough is enough. Its time to reclaim.

What this Women’s Circle is… A womens circle is a sacred template, this template is as ancient as time. Groups of women have gathered in this way throughout time to connect, to honor, to vision and to heal. This template will gently hold us as we slowly, lovingly and deliberately swim towards the shores of the wounds held in our bodies, held in our wombs, held in our hearts, held in our very cells. These wounds run as deep as our blood and our bones, and are held in place by a culture that allows space for rampant rape. On the other side of the wound, beneath the shame and the guilt lives your own authentic light, your strength and your ferocity. Let us reclaim her. The world needs us to allow ourselves to heal.

What this Womens Circle is Not This circle is not a therapy or support group, it is not a workshop or a class. It is a sacred community wherein we join together to bear witness, to share and to reclaim our birth-rite of goddess hood.

This Circle may call you if
– You are a woman who has been raped or sexually assaulted during her adulthood
– You have received or are currently receiving other therapeutic or healing support
– You have already told your story at least once and hopefully more often
– You are non-competitive, open-minded, supportive, courageous and compassionate
– You desire to heal and reclaim yourself. You do not need to see how this will happen, but you must be willing to choose to try.
– Your personal and spiritual cosmology includes a belief in soul. Themes of spirituality, past lives and soul-level healing will be woven throughout.
– You have a knowing that you are 100% responsible for your own life and healing process, and you know that in some instances this process comes in the form of asking for help and showing up to community.
– You know that the process of healing can be challenging and uncomfortable, especially so with sexual trauma. The best way is through and you are willing to make this choice for yourself.

This Circle is may NOT be for you if…
– You have endured sexual trauma in the past 6 months. If this is the case, contact me for referrals for other resources, I am happy to help. Please know that healing takes time and is a process, exactly where you are in your healing is exactly where you need to be.
– You have received no other therapy or targetedhealing for your trauma. If this is the case contact me for referrals.

Spiritual Healing for Rape and Sexual Assault

Ilove being of service towomen looking to reclaim their sanctity and sovereignty andaccess deeper levels of healing following a life experience of rape or sexual assault. In our work together we will utilizevarious kinds of energy healing techniques, ritual, healing ceremonyand plant spirit medicine to support you really move through the recoveryprocess.

Please Contact me here for further details. I am so happy to help, evenif only to provide you with otherresources. This is an area I care deeply about.

Help is needed for this, it is Big Work.
And Now is absolutely the time.

Please Contact Me to discuss how I may support you in your healing and reclaiming.

May your journey ever lead you towards more wholeness.