Magic of Menstruation

The Magic of Menstruation, Reclamation & The Curse of the Patriarchy
Saturday March 4thfrom 10am – 6pm
Suggested Donation: $60 – $120 as you’re able
Located ata PrivateResidence

In this workshop we will explore the metaphysical and spiritual powers ofa woman’s womb blood, explore traditional ceremony and ritual related to the moon time, andremember howtoreclaim relationship with this power through personal ceremony.The reclamation of sacredrelationship with our moon bloodwill helpus heal ourselves and heal the earth herself. Inthe Old Days, menstrual blood was prized for its healing powers of regeneration, resurrection and renewal. Great and extensive magical rites, and healing ceremoniescentered around harnessing thepower ofmenstrual blood. This power, and women’srelationship with it, was taken with the rise of patriarchy. Instead of bleeding prayers and healing into the Earth each month, women bled shame. Forthousands of years,we have bled shame, blame, guilt and suppression each time we moon. It is time to reclaim the spiritual power of our moon blood. In fact, this is essential to help humanity and the Earth through these times.

Over the course of the day we will…

  • Respectfully and objectively explore concepts around the Patriarchy andthesubsequent Curse on the Feminine Spirit;how this has impacted women’s relationship with their truth and their power
  • Explore the concept of Shame as abinding forcein thePatriarchy and learn how to unweave ourselves from its shackles
  • Explore the metaphysical and spiritual powers ofthe womb blood and traditional ceremony and ritual related to the moon time
  • Remember howtoreclaim relationship with the power of ourmoon bloodthrough personal and collective ceremony.
  • Reclaim the sacred ceremony of the individual and collective Red Tent
  • Make ceremony together and offer healing prayersfor our selves, humanity and the Earth
  • Consecrate a moon chalice to take home and weave intoour personal moontime ceremonies
  • Remember and explorethe power of the template of a sacred women’s circle as a force for positive change

Collective Healing… Everyone present at this workshop will receive, if they choose,a healing and lifting from the field of the Patriarchal Curse. It is my great honor to have the support of two of my sisters and colleagues who are also dedicated to the deep healing workthat supports the reclamation of the feminine spirit and its power. I’m so grateful to have Kjersti Sangrey of New Life Rhythm and Katy Pavlis of Ancient Rememberance joining me in this work. (Click on the links to visit their websites and read about their amazing healingwork!)