Private Classes + Workshops

I am available for private classes, workshops, rituals, retreats and ceremonies.

My general fee is $15/person per hour. A 2 hour class would cost $30 per person, 4-hour class would cost $60 per person, etc. Group discounts and all kinds of creative options are also available.

Email me with your ideas

Available Class Topics

  • Reclaiming Intuition & The Psychic Self
  • Wise Womanhood
  • Herbal Medicine Making in a Sacred Manner
  • Plant Communication & Plant Spirit Medicine
  • Reclaiming the Sacred Feminine & Divine Feminine Spirituality
  • Cross Cultural Goddess Archetype Explorations & Activations
  • Techniques for Finding Healing and Reclaiming Empowerment from wounds
    of Patriarchy
  • The Curse of the Patriarchy
  • The Menstrual Mysteries & Sacred Menstruation
  • Healing from Rape and Sexual Assault
  • Techniques for Making Sacred the Birth Room & Container
  • Sacred Healing from Abortion & Pregnancy Loss


Tincture Making The Cunning Way
learn the craft and art of making herbal extracts

Reclaim: The Magic of Menstruation, Reclamation & The Curse of the Patriarchy
Introduction to the menstrual mysteries and exploration of restrictive concepts within Patriarchy

The Magic of Desire & Herbal Aphrodisiacs
Herbal allies and cunning methods to stoke the flames of passion

The Magic of Flower & Gem Essences
learn to craft your own essences for personal healing and energetic empowerment
Reclaim: Body Wisdom, Womb Wisdom& The One Who Knows
Reclaiming the intuitive self and an exploration of restrictive concepts within Patriarchy

Reclaim:The Holy Grail, Womb Magic & Blood Mysteries
Exploring legends of the Holy Grail and its relation/application to the reempowerment of the Divine Feminine

Dream Weaving The Cunning Way
Tools, techniques and herbal allies to awaken and empower the Dreaming Self and reclaiming the ability to dream weave

Reclaim: The Dark Goddess & The Magic of Death, Rebirth & Transformation
Exploring cross-cultural Dark Goddess figures and techniques for building allyship with them in order to seek wisdom and healing from personal tragedy


“I am grateful to Lauren for providing such a safe and encouraging place for me to explore my inner spirit life. Lauren is so thoughtful and compassionate, she makes it easy and fun finding the depths of my own human spirit. I always feel energized and renewed after spending time with Lauren; her positivity and genuine good make her an excellent teacher.”

“Lauren’s energy and connection to the plants makeher classesa unique and truly transformative process. As a person who has been interested in herbal medicine for a while,studying with Laurengave me the tools to go deeper and opened me up to information that I never knew I could access. The plants are much more then material objects and this class taught me how to create a deep relationship with them, I am so happy I foundLauren and would recommendher classesto anyone who loves herbs!”

“Lauren does such an amazing job ofshowing how to deepen our experiences with herbs in a sacred and spiritual way. She taught us how to make even the simplest acts while preparing herbal remedies so much more profound. I learned a great deal about tuning into the different qualities of the herbs and began to trust my own instincts as a result.”