Begins March 2018 : Spring Folk Herbalism Apprenticeship

Spring Folk Herbalism Apprenticeship

Begins Monday March 19th 2018 and runs 10 consecutive Monday evenings from 6:30-9pm. 2 Saturday mornings from 10am-2pm decided by the group’s availability.  Limited to 8 attendees.

Fee: $400. Can be paid upfront or over time. Sliding scale options available if needed. Plus book fee will be suggested but not required.

Location : In and around Bellevue WA. Between 3-6 of the classes will be “in the field” meeting and greeting the plants. The other classes will be at a private residence in Bellevue.  

Description…  This apprenticeship will lay a solid framework for those who wish to learn the art and craft of Folk Herbalism.  All the foundations will be covered including an introduction to: Plant ID, Medicine Making, Plant Spirit Medicine, and most of all… how to go about learning herbalism.   

In this class we will learn herbalism the Old Way, by mixing equal parts practical knowledge with intuitive empowerment; awakening our ability to learn directly from the plants themselves while we also ground ourselves in the resources available to support us in our walk on the herbal path. 

We will learn to make medicine in a sacred way, learn local plant allies whom we can find around our homes, and learn foundational techniques to ground our herbal studies in the sacred, wherever they may take us.

Over the course of this 12 weeks together you will…

  • Learn how to learn the walk of Herbal Medicine!
  • Activate and deepen your connection with the Wise One within and your inner streams of wisdom and wild.   
  • Meet and greet with local medicinal plants on herb walks
  • Awaken, empower and hone your own intuitive self while learning to communicate with and co-create with the plants
  • Learn the foundations of Plant Spirit Medicine and how to work with plants as spiritual allies.
  • Learn the art and craft of herbal medicine making including tinctures, syrups, teas, oils, salves, bath blends, prayer blends, smudge blends and more!

Begins April 2018 : Dream Circle

8-Week Dream Circle

8 Consecutive Wednesdays beginning in April and runs 10 consecutive Mondays

Fee: $200 with sliding scale available

Located at a private Bellevue residence, details sent upon registration.

Description… Gather in sacred council space with a group of up to 8 other individuals to dive into and explore our dreams. Guided by the work of dream elder Jeremy Taylor’s method of Projective Dreamwork, this 8 week experience will ground you in the basics of working with and deciphering your dreams, both in a group setting and on your own; will empower you with interpretation techniques, will hone your skills in mindful sharing and introduce/deepen the concept of “projection” as it relates to dreaming and to life.  This circle is suitable for folks who are brand new to dreaming and want to learn the basics, seasoned dreamworkers who wisely desire the help and witness of others’ to weave their dreams… and anyone inbetween. 

Student Testimonials

“I am grateful to Lauren for providing such a safe and encouraging place for me to explore my inner spirit life. Lauren is so thoughtful and compassionate, she makes it easy and fun finding the depths of my own human spirit. I always feel energized and renewed after spending time with Lauren; her positivity and genuine good make her an excellent teacher.”

“Lauren’s energy and connection to the plants make her classes a unique and truly transformative process. As a person who has been interested in herbal medicine for a while,studying with Lauren gave me the tools to go deeper and opened me up to information that I never knew I could access. The plants are much more then material objects and this class taught me how to create a deep relationship with them, I am so happy I found Lauren and would recommend her classes to anyone who loves herbs!”

“Lauren does such an amazing job of showing how to deepen our experiences with herbs in a sacred and spiritual way. She taught us how to make even the simplest acts while preparing herbal remedies so much more profound. I learned a great deal about tuning into the different qualities of the herbs and began to trust my own instincts as a result.”